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In order to be CO2 neutral as the Netherlands by 2050 (the goal of the Climate Act), we must have a fully sustainable energy supply by 2040 at the latest. This means that in the coming years we will have to completely rebuild our energy system. Generation will have to come from sun and wind and consumers will have to switch to electricity and green gases such as green hydrogen. All while keeping the store open.

This transition getting things done requires vision, guts and leadership. In short, direction. With our broad knowledge of energy technologies & policy, we take the reins and bring the Netherlands to its goals on time.

What we do

To achieve a fully sustainable energy system, we work for clients in the various phases and levels of energy transition and take direction. For example, we are involved in the Regionale Energie Strategie (RES), to work on strategic solutions to complex energy policy issues. At the operational level, we are from the label WindChain active within the entire realization process of the development and delivery of (wind) energy projects on land and sea. We know what is needed for results and acceleration in the phases of the transition and can switch gears where domains intersect. Through our knowledge, skills, experience and community we make real impact with energy transition projects.

Our services

  • strategy advice
  • Change Management
  • Research and pilot programs
  • Personnel management and recruitment
  • Policy Review
  • Tender management (Influencing, preparation & final proposal)
  • Innovatiemanagement
  • Ontwikkeling van technische ontwerpen
  • Toegepast R&D projectmanagement
  • Innovatiechallenges
  • Duurzaam business development
  • Ontwikkeling van business cases
  • Marketing & communicatie
  • Public Affairs en lobby
  • Kennisverspreiding
  • Community buidling & management
  • Panel moderatie en presentatie
  • Stakeholder onderzoek- en management
Contract & Constructie
  • QAQC
  • Contractmanagement
  • Bouwpaats management
  • Documentbeheer
  • QC specialist WTG en BOPs
  • Decommissiongstrategie advies

Why we are concerned with energy


Renewable Energy In 2022, the Netherlands ran on 14% renewable energy. By 2030 this percentage must grow to at least 27%, and by 2050 to 100%.

21,5 GW

The Dutch North Sea should be home to 21.5 GW of wind turbines by 2031, providing 16% of the Netherlands' total energy consumption.


By 2050 there will be 70 GW of wind energy on the Dutch North Sea. This will make wind the main supplier of energy for the Netherlands.


Sustainable Development Goal 7: Affordable & clean energy

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The Regional Energy Strategy

The National Regional Energy Strategy Program (NP RES) involves municipalities, provinces and water boards working together with stakeholders, residents, grid operators and the state to meet climate goals.

In it, we work on complex issues, such as: do solar and wind energy ideas fit into space and the energy grid? Is it acceptable to residents?

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